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Everyone asks me about the clip and they really like it, as I do too! Very awesome money clip!

Thanks, Steve Cunningham

Hafa Adai,

I just wanted to send you a short note and thank you for the products I ordered from your web site. I have been looking for the right money clip for 3 or so years. To be honest, I have been looking for 20 years and just gave up because all of the clips that I had tried were, well, quite frankly, crap (read the other 4 letter word). I have purchased an untold number of money clips over the years and haven't had one that lasted more than 6 months. I picked up my order from the post office this morning and inspected the Hippie Clip with anticipation. It is the first money clip that I have purchased that I feel will last longer that 1 year. It is a sleek one piece construction that is strong, very strong. I feel that this money clip might very well be the last money clip I buy, I have high hopes for this product and hope it will live up to my expectations. I also purchased the titanium guitar picks for a friend as well as a business card holder.

Again, thank you for you products! I am confident that I will carry this around with me for years to come.

Sincerimante, K. Dietrichs (Guam)

The black titan money clip is the best money clip i have ever had, and i have had many from tiffany to cartier to gucci to ???. thanks again

Bruce D.

Hi guys,

Received my order. My partner is very, very pleased with it! Thank you for the fast and efficient service!

Zayana (Singapore)

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Black Diamond Money Clip


GQ Magazine "Style Bible"

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Only $39.99 US


We are very excited about this new money clip! The money clip design is our tried and true titanium money clip that can hold a single bill or as many as 30 folded bills thanks to the elastic (springy) nature of titanium. It can also hold your credit cards and drivers license. The strength and durability of titanium makes this one tough money clip. Please see the accompanying charts for the technical properties of this money clip.

Now what really excites us is the finish on this money clip. We used a special process that applies carbon through a plasma field to form a black diamond structure on the surface of the titanium that is as tough as nails. Okay, it is actually much tougher than nails! In fact this black diamond coating is extremely hard to scratch and does not require a clear top coat (no solar degeneration). After testing in a salt spray for 1,000 hours there was no surface effects on this coating, so no worries about taking this baby surfing, sailing or maybe accidentally swimming with it in your pocket. Of course the titanium underneath the black diamond coating is also immune to salt water, but it is important to know that the finish is tough.

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Capacity of the Black Diamond Titanium Money Clip:

Only Bills: 30 folded bills
Bills & Credit Cards: 4 credit cards + 15 folded bills

Size & Weight of the Black Diamond Titanium Money Clip:

Length: 2"
Width: 1"
Height: 7/16"
Weight: 0.36 ounces

We hope you enjoy using this titanium money clip. It is a combination of a cutting edge finishing technology and technically superior aerospace titanium that functions like a money clip should and looks great while doing it. You may see some non-titanium money clips that are powder coated and this is no comparison to the diamond like structure applied using this environmentally friendly vapor deposition process. Buy a black diamond™ titanium money clip now and start impressing your friends!

People who purchase this money clip often puchase our mini-Viper™ Titanium Money Clip, which is also available in the black diamond™ finish.

As a nice surprise our Black Diamond™ Titanium Money Clip was included in GQ's style bible and on their website as shown below :-)

Our Black Diamond Money Clip Featured On GQ's Website

Our Titanium Money Clip as seen in GQ Magazines Style Bible
(note: the natural finish is $29.99 and the Black Diamond™ finish is $39.99)



The Viper Money Clip

The Viper™ Money Clip

mini-Viper Money Clip

The mini-Viper Money Clip

T-Series Money Clip

The T-Series Money Clip


Tell a friend:

Fact The reason this stealthy black money clip is called the "Black Diamond" clip is due to the structure of the carbon atoms on the surface. By putting carbon through a plasma field under the right conditions and applying that to the clip it is possible to get a structure that very closely resembles that of a diamond. It is extremely strong, durable and importantly durable. And now you know!