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T-Series™ Money Clips

T-Series™ Money Clips

If you love all things titanium like we do, then these money clips are for you. The T-Series money clips are made from high grade American titanium and incorporate all the knowledge that we've gained through years of designing and making money clips. If you love money clips and you love titanium it does not get any better than this!!

⚡ Fast, easy access to your cards
💪 Durable and springs back
🪶 Lightweight & Comfortable

We spend a lot of time refining and honing our money clips right down to the grain structure of the titanium. When it comes to making the best performing money clips we leave no stone unturned. We take nothing for granted and keep working to further innovate and improve. We will never rest on our laurels.

Our attention to detail is why you will probably find yourself liking our money clips more and more over time. They will just be nice to use and they will feel right. You will not know exactly why and can't explain it. The reason is that it is not one thing. It is all those little things that individually don't make a huge difference, but when added up together they do make a big difference.

With our patented money clip design, premium American aerospace titanium, and skilled craftsmanship performed exclusively in the USA and Canada, we believe these money clips are the absolute best money can buy!

Although brand new, the T-Series™ embodies more than a decade of work improving techniques and refining processes to make what we believe are the absolute best money clips known to man! The positive feedback we have received over the years means a lot to us and we really want take our designs to the next level to try and top our previous work! With the T-Series™ money clips we think we might just have done this, but as always you will be the final judge of that!

If you just need to carry just a little cash and some cards for regular daily use, then the T-30™ is the one for you. If you carry 8 to 10 cards along with cash, then the T-60™ will have you covered.
T-30 Max Capacity:
30 folded bills OR 4 Credit Cards + 15 folded bills

T-60 Max Capacity:
60 folded bills OR 8 Credit Cards + 25 folded bills

T-100 Max Capacity:
100 folded bills OR 16 Credit Cards + 20 folded bills

Dimensions & Weight:
Length:   3"
Width:   1.75"
Height:   1/2" (T-30™) 5/8" (T-60™) 1" (T-100™)
Weight:   0.95 ounces
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T-Series™ Money Clips

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