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Former SR-71 Pilot Calvin Augustin (on left) uses a Superior Titanium SR-71 Titanium Money Clip to secure his cash and cards. He is pictured here with his navigator,Major Frank Kelly (right) after their first Mach 3 flight. Calvin Augustin (Cal) is available to appear as a keynote speaker and/or inspirational speaker. He has spoken about “Flying the SR-71”, “B-52s in North Vietnam”, “What it takes to be a Commercial Airline Pilot” and other aviation and flying topics. For more information you can visit his website at


The Viper™ Titanium Money Clip with a cool paracord design by

Photo credits: Stormdrane

The SR-71 would not have flown without the world class mechanics and ground crew that made sure everything was in perfect operating condition for the world's fastest air-breathing manned aircraft. This is no easy task for a plane that is so fast that it's evasive measure for a surface-to-air attack was to simply speed up and outrun the missile! Pictured above are Crew Chief Mechanic John Saulmon III and his family who were kind enough to let us share their photo on our Titanium Hall of Fame. Thanks for the photo and thanks for buying our titanium money clips and supporting our business :-)


As a nice surprise our titanium money clips were featured in GQ Magazine's April 2012 Style Bible as part of the GQ 100

- see Page 107 (note: the natural finish is $29.99 and the black diamond finish is $39.99)


...and GQ's website :-)