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RFID/NFC Blocking Cards

RFID/NFC Blocking Cards

Protect your cards with our latest generation RFID/NFC Blocking Skid Plates.

HOW DO I PROTECT MY CREDIT CARDS FROM SKIMMING? These come in a set of 2. Sandwich up to 45 cards đź‘€ between 2 RFID/NFC blocking cards for protection against skimming.

DO THESE USE BATTERIES? HOW DO THESE WORK? These do not use batteries. These work the same way your credit cards with chip can power up and communicate without a battery. The internal antannea (see diagram with cutaway) picks up the scanning RF waves to generate a voltage inside the card that powers it up, so it can counter and block.

WILL MY DOOR ACCESS KEY STILL WORK?YES, these cards utilize 13.56MHz blocking, so credit/debit and cards are blocked from skimming WITHOUT disabling door access key signals which usually operate at 100-125KHz. If a door access key does happen to operate at 13.56MHz, then it will be blocked as well.

ARE THE CARDS DIFFERENT ON EACH SIDE?YES. To give you a style choice, one side is a plain carbon fiber pattern without any design. The other sdie has the circuit and lock design as shown. When sandwiching your cards, you can choose the side that faces outwards and which is hidden.

WILL THESE PROTECT MY CARDS FROM SCRATCHES IF I DON'T CARRY CASH?YES they will. No cash? No problem! These RFID/NFC blocking plates will help keep your cards in pristine condition.

DO THESE WORK IN BULKY WALLETS TOO?YES! For less bulky wallets, a single card will do. For a more bulky wallet, we advise using 2 cards and putting them on the outside card slots of your wallet for the best protection.
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RFID/NFC Blocking Cards

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