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The D-180 Folding Pen

The D-180 Folding Pen

Looks, feels and writes like a normal full sized pen when open, yet folds in half to compactly fit in your pocket. We engineered the mechanism that automatically extends and retracts the ink from scatch. When the pen is opened and closed the ink extends and retracts on its own!

For ease of use, the D180 folding pen locks open and locks closed using over-center cam. A small storage container (5/16? x 1-1/8? or 8mm x 28mm) built into the top half of the barrel and is accessible by unscrewing the cover - YES, those are 3D printed threads! This pen also floats in water. Great for boating or for those working near water.

This pen is made using the selective laser sintering (SLS) process. Unlike the home or office based 3D printers that extrude melted plastic (think of these as a fancy guided glue gun), the SLS process uses high powered precision guided lasers to build up material in very small layers. We turned the machine up to full resolution for these and the result is incredible (smooth functioning 3D printed threads, etc.)!

We include (and recommend) the Fisher Space Pen refills that write when upside down and underwater for optimal performance in a Marine environment. Note, if you put a heavy items in the storage container, then you will need to confirm it still floats by testing in a glass of water.
Unfolded: 6" long
Folded: 3" long
Diameter: 0.45" across the flats
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The D-180 Folding Pen

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We include a black Fisher Space Pen refill (D-1 size). If you want different ink colors or different types of refills you can visit your local office supply company or find a wide variety of Mini D-1 Size refills available online.

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